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dear internet [07 Dec 2006|04:30am]
[ mood | cold ]

so i ended up havin to cover for a co-worker which is fine since i wouldnt want to work my last nite either....plus i got some beers and dancing to micheal jackson done. now tomorrow i'm most likely going to have to cover for this broad i cannot stand.

only because she's never bartended yet thinks she knows what shes fuckin doing and that things should go HER way. eff that noise. especially after working a busy ass night when the owner kept the bar open till four. am and she asked me a question about how she did. and i answered her honestly and somewhat politely some things that are just common sense so she gave me some not needed sass so i layed into her.

ex: when you have over 150 people in a bar that really should only hold 76 you dont ring up their drinks, subtotal it, then go back an tell them how much it is. it wastes time and it slows everything down.

now that two of the bartenders that have been there for the longest are leaving guess whos the head bartender? me. the manager told me that like i should be excited and really i'm not cause with that "head bartender" title i do not get a raise. which is l-a-m-e my friends.

an what also is lame is makin an extra trip up there to make some bullshit posters for our christmas party and the next day have them thrown away. so i refused to do them again.

in other news...everything is alright. semesters almost over thank goodness. its way too cold out to be walking to class...i wish i made sweet loads of money so i can just hire some dude to drive me to school an pick my ass up. dont get my wrong i love driving but i hate to be cold.

for christmas i decided to get some sweet ass pistons tickets for emilio which are like 5th row center court an some suite tickets...most would assume this would be quite abit of pesos to purchase...but no only $40.

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so.... [15 Nov 2006|06:02pm]

if  Wayne State was a person i'd punch that motherfuckers teeth out.

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heart of magma [19 Oct 2006|12:35pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so i though getting out of class early would be great i could do so many things, such as:

taking that nap i so deperately want

watch the season finale of Flavor Flavvvv! again

do some cleaning

dance around my house

work on my paintings

job hunting...again

but NO, i've had to spend the last god damn five hours doin one thing of homework. frankly i dont give a shit where the somasensory cortex is or really anythin else about the brain.

did anyone else have to learn about the brain before you got to the good stuff in psychology like the fucked up personalities and sweet stuff like that?

i had to give away my kitten Sayuri away sadly. it was over a week ago and i'm still sad as fuck about it.

well as of this december i will no longer be residing at 2259 hewitt.

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dear internet [17 Sep 2006|01:47am]
[ mood | awesome ]

so pretty much the plan for my birthday...this weds for those who didnt know...is sushi and drinking at Oslo. i dont know the time yet cause i might have to work the Press Release party at the resturant. so the time will come at a later date.

and for anyone who comes dont worry about a present i'll just take the gift of you buying me a drink.

any questions and/or comments?
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work work work [02 Sep 2006|01:03am]
so offically i have two jobs and atart school tuesday. i dont know where my classes are what books i need, so in other words....nothing. but its ok i'm not to stressed about it.

i'm more stressed about having to go infront of the Michigan Gaminng Board for my interview before i get my casino licence shit. then after that i go for a wardobe fitting where its there job to make my ass and boobs look to perfection.

the past two weeks i've had "training" at the other job Confidental Resturant and Lounge but really we've just been eating.

eating my ass off!

last friday my friend sugarboy and i attended the Collesuem.  and we got the works, free lap dances all night for me, compt bottles of crystal, VIP room. it was great....best part seeing emilios best friends there as well.
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Frankly, [04 Aug 2006|11:45pm]
[ mood | delighted ]

i love slow dancing with Emilio to Jeff Buckley while he sings it in my ear.

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GhostFace Killah... [03 Aug 2006|05:23pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

has a toy made of him, just so you know.

Emilio and i saw Muse the other night and they were amazing! opening band though...just needed to kill themselves they sounded like phone sex operators big time.

i have a little over a month till my 21st birthday and i know the sweetness that will ensure before/after my birthday.

a few examples:

Hot Air Balloon Festival-Aug 11th

Cheeseburger Festival-Aug 19th

21st Birthday!-Sept 20th

Weekend in Chicago-Sept 21st-24th

and thats all i can really remember for right now.

i got a new kitten her names Sayuri, cutest motherfucker ever! she loves to sleep between  Emilio and i and curl up by our necks.

today my friend Alan and i are going back in time when going to the butterfly was cool to play some Simpsons, DDR and mass amounts of pinball.

i'm not on the search for good poses of pin up girls for my next tattoos. so far i've found good ones from Dita Von Teese, Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth.

Send Me Pictures of Pin Up Girls!!!

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fast times in hamtramck high... [11 Jul 2006|04:44pm]
[ mood | amused ]

short and sweet here it goes.

the day has come where i Marisa have given out one of the most precious things ever: a house key.

yep emilio got my house key the other day.

and the day has also come that Marisa would allow someone to move in with her.

yep emilio moved in. and i'm not freakin out about it with is weird.

sorry for talking about myself in the third-fuckin-person.

THAT and some fuckin two-bit hooker stole $500 bucks worth of CDs from my car. and left a coat behind.

that is all.

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summertime.... [02 Jul 2006|08:28pm]
[ mood | delightful ]

Emilio has been a doll the last few days. amazing boy.

he got a little creeped out when i had to go to the ER because of my migrain headaches to i sadly started puking. it was delightful. but he went into the room with me and held my hand while they put the IV in and watched the Princess Bride with me before i passed out from all the drugs they had me on.

while i was doped up i had a dream that emilio and i were at the cheeseburger festival and we were in the eating contest. i won third and Emilio got first place. he was throwing cheeseburgers around yelling "what up now bitches!" i apparently told the doctor this.

so i finally finished A room in my apartment. my parlor to be exact. here are some delightful pictures and a few of emo and me.

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delight [23 Jun 2006|07:24pm]

i decided out of nowhere to tear up the carpet in my parlor. its taken my forever to get the carpet out, the staples, the foam, and the pieces of wood thats kept it down. i'm so SO glad the wood wasnt in bad shape underneth it.

that and my final night of my self defense class was last night were you get "attacked" by two guys and they tape you. favorite part of the tape...me sucker punching the dude straight in the face then head butting him. 

then after that mary and i got slurpees and i went to Emilio's house were he made me an AMAZING dinner!

watch out now! 

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babies mammas mammas... [16 Jun 2006|08:27pm]
[ mood | delighted ]

so i'm taking this self-defense class which so far has been fuckin sweet. me and my best friend mary are kicking ass in the class. there is this sweet old lady who is a ballroom dancer and gets all into it and starts yelling and going crazy and shit.

Emilios birthday was good. the highlights:

went to the race track. we bet on a horse on the last race of the night and we won!

made some plates to compliment our sushi making skills

hung out with Grace and Andrew(his brother and sister) played catch and Grace and i made puppets

went to our watering hole and Emilio got smashed and i drove home to him goin "check your mirrors!"

i got a little less than 3 months give or take to my 21st birthday. and i think i'm going to go all fuckin out for this one.

i'm goin to Dorkwave next saturday, are you?

oh and for the record i fuckin love Entourage!

that is all

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Sumo Sushi! [27 May 2006|01:01am]
[ mood | hungry ]

so the whole repaint my apartment is awesome...in theory. in actuallity it blows dick. besides the finished product. thank goodness Emilio's been helping me or else i would have gone crazy.

last night we went to the midnight show for X-Men 3 which was awesome but i'm a closet case comic book geek and have read x-men comic books for years.the movie was awesome to say the least. people were fuckin dressed up which made it hilarious. that and my good friend eddie busted out some scotch during the movie. i didnt have any though which made me sad.

tonight Emilio and i went to see
motherfucking SUMO WRESTLING! it was fuckin awesome we had great seats. plus we tailgated instead of payin 8-10 bucks for a beer there. plus we snuck some in which made it even better. the guys were mad crazy.

and instead of paying mass amounts for sushi like we normally do at Nobel Fish and whatnot we bough a sushi making kit and we're making sushi tonight. so hopefully it goes well if not its pizza.

so i got sweet the other day and got my car...good ole Betsy. shes a dame i'll always love my 88 cutlessolds. shes a god damn beaut!

time to roll the sushi...

that is all.

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slings it up and sticks it! [30 Apr 2006|02:08am]
[ mood | content ]

i'm so fuckin tired of people who act like assholes to me, my family and my boyfriend. honestly, did you need to act that way? thats for being a dick.

emilio and i are watching the pistons game..well he's sleeping and i'm staying up to tell him what the score ends up being. we hung out with his little brother and sister most of the day today. we were going to go camping for the night but he couldnt find the tent stake things. i dont know what those things are or what they even do...but apparently we needed them so we didnt go. but its cold outside so its better if we didnt.

last night we went to smalls to see the Sights they played delightful. but the piano fella Bobby is he's piano teacher. his fiance and emilio went off on a little rant about basketball. so booby and i stood around and chatted about how we have no idea what they are talking about. plans monday i believe to go over there.

the electricans are almost fuckin done in my house...one more week to go mufucka! now i wont have some creepy dude starin at me. i'm in the middle of painting my whole apartment all over again. so...painting party? i provide alcoholic beverages? you come and paint my walls? please? i fuckin hate painting.

tuesday is my french onion soup date with squid i love that day. plus dan and i are watching movies or something.

so we finally got cable the other day...i dont know how many taxi cab confessions i've watched already.
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making breakfast [08 Apr 2006|12:32pm]
[ mood | awesome ]

so i finally got my god damn question answered in the most delightful way.
i can now say that Emilio (in striped shirt) is my boyfriend.
god damn i am awesome.

last night i met his dad and lil brother and sister. so fuckin cute those kids are. we watched king kong as well.
then went to FTs and got hammered off my favorite martini.

that is all
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bubble gum princess [05 Apr 2006|01:58pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i'm starting to think that i wont go to chicago but its ok i think i'll live.

i convinced Emilio to go to city club with me. i believe he had a good time, but when you see two gals that have to be atleast pushin three-hundred pounds making out like theres no tomorrow in gawdy prom dresses that just awesome.

took him to dorkwave as well he seems to have the gothic and 80s dance moves down pat.

i also did something that is almost unnatural for me...i asked Emilio to go steady...like carry my books to 5th period steady. i told him to think about it...but its been like five to six days already. i'm bursting to ask but i may have to wait it out. and i am not a patient woman.

now thanks to dan he knows i have one of these things so i'm sure he'll be looking at it soon.


my house.apartment  is getting worked on and its driving me crazy with all the god damn noise they make. but of course after my house wont look like a haunted house anymore.

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[27 Mar 2006|01:40pm]
[ mood | awesome ]

if all goes well i'll be in Chicago for a three week paid vaction...go me.

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frankly my dear, i dont give a damn. [10 Mar 2006|07:29pm]
[ mood | fancy ]

whatever happened to dressing to the nines with you mink coat and harry wenston tennis bracelet just to go to the movies? where has that class gone? frankly, i'm here to bring that shit back.

so i no longer bartending at the not-so-delightful New Dodge anymore. long story. mostly to do with pettiness and drama of the female kind. as well as an alcoholic boss. so if anyone knows of sweet bars to work at let a gal know.

since my best gal came home this weekd from school we celebrated accordingly. we took the people mover. my first time ever on it. while we rode it three times it made me miss the subway. my heartstrings still strum of new york life. tomorrow we are going to a frat party...my keg stands maybe a little rusty but i'll show them how its done properly.

last weekend was the tattoo convention, so i took Emilio along for the ride. now he's itching to get one. my favorite lady Dawn Cooke was there and i ran into Brad which i am jealous that he's moving to NY before me.

its finally getting warmer thank god i cannot take anymore snow.

i decided to take off my text messaging on my phone in hopes to save money. so dont text me people or you owe me.

life in general is alright. love life is delightful, Emilio is fantastic...for an asian.

here are people mover pictures...i didnt bother to resize. just so you know.

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i flow nowhere. [10 Feb 2006|01:38pm]
[ mood | fancy ]

all i can say is i cannot believe i'm doing this shit on sunday. i would say wish me good luck but frankly i dont have my hopes up.

also last week was the week of the "Ex's" funny and sad at the same. i suppose i'll live.

i dont mind job searches for more money but why does it have to be so damned lame?

once again i cannot believe i'm doing this shit....

oh and thanks to Emilio i am slightly hooked on Lost. i blame him. weds i went and had my annual dinner with a friend and then went over Emilio's house where his mom decided that even though i had already eaten she was going to make me eat again. she's a cute asian lady.

also i had to return my ipod cause it was being mean to me big time. i got a brand new one but i'm only sad cause i lost all my porn that i put on there. i'll live i'm sure.

that is all...

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for a good time all you need is tea. [01 Feb 2006|04:53pm]
[ mood | fancy. ]

obviously i'm never on here anymore. which because of this i have no clue what to write.

edit: we all know i cannot spell, so i must spell this cute boys name its Emilio. dont ask me how ispelled it the other way i have no clue.

emilio and i went to "his" bar the other day club FT or something like that nice place. i met my first gay man with a child. both are darling. while we were at coney both enjoying our buzz he leaned over and asked me in the corniest way to be his valentine. and oh i do love corny romantic gestures.

while we were at the coney i got a weird text/phonecall which i would have rather not have replied and answered that call but oh well. i'm getting my stencils back.

dan and i went to city club again which was hilarious as always. this old couple mid-50s i say walks in goes into the ballroom and she takes off her shirt and starts dancing around. security asks her to put her shirt back on since she didnt have anything to cover her nipples with. after that they leave. they were in there for about 10 minutes tops. it was like that was their sole purpose of going.

i did meet a nice boy there who's name i'll have to change or something cause i dont like it. he seems like a sweetheart.

dan got asked by some goth lesbians or whatever to go home with them. which for some reason he declined. in my opinion i think they were ugly maybe.

there is my teo paragraphs about dan.

i'm done. on my way over to emilios to watch lost.

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blood cells [18 Jan 2006|02:21pm]
[ mood | awesome ]

life is good.

thats really all i have to say. but livejournal is about the small little details. so...

dance party with miss andrea joy and dan at the Mittens show. got free cds which was nice. i have yet to listen to mine...i guess i am a bad groupie.

i love bar's IDing process sometimes at paychecks for instance:

guy:"are you 21?"

me:"do i look 21?"

guy:"alright give me your hand so i can stamp it"

my new years resolution was to stay as fucking sweet as i am, travel more westward and to see old friends more often.

i dont really know how its going so far though.

i did meet a nice boy the other day at work and we've continued to talk while he makes me watch Lost and i get acid flashbacks. Elimlio is the boys name and marketing is his game. once again my attraction to boys with guitars and piano skills has come into play.

dan and i have been continuing out movie nights which are delightful...though we've watched all my movies except the mighty ducks...yes i have it.

tonight i'm going to see Imogen Heap at the Magic Bag with dan. i have my name on the list and i needed a plus one and he obviously is the plus one who wants to go.

i realized the other day that my stencils are still at gregs...lame.

oh and apparently my stencils have become quite popular with the kids, i'm selling a few here and there and i'm doing slight commisson work for them.

that is all.

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